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About Group10 Destination: Excellence.

At a Group 10 hotel, excellence is more than just a word. It is an abiding passion, a firm commitment, and an unshakeable standard in everything we do. We settle for nothing less, and provide nothing less. Period.

We know that our success depends on our ability to exceed the expectations of our customers at every point of contact and in every aspect of our service. In every property we manage and in every task we undertake, our management and staff commit to delivering exceptional quality, efficiency, and value.

Group 10 is a family-owned firm whose commitment to excellence began in the 1970s with our operation of a single supermarket in the heart of Detroit. Over the following four decades, we have expanded our activities and expertise to become a leading hospitality and real estate company specializing in exceptional asset management. Today, Group 10 is a diversified, financially sound firm whose supermarket, hotel, and other business interests generate millions of dollars in annual sales—not to mention the complete satisfaction of tens of thousands of customers.

Excellence: We settle for nothing less. So our customers never have to.

It’s What We Know. And Who We Know.

It takes exceptional people to deliver exceptional performance. In Group 10’s case, that includes both those who work for us, and those we choose to work with.

Group 10’s staff consists of skilled, trained, and experienced professionals who share our company’s commitment to being the very best at what we do. Our company and our people have been broadly recognized for their consistent, peak performance. The result: Outstanding relationships with institutional investors, development partners, and leading brands within the hospitality industry. These provide us with an unparalleled ability to both facilitate and expedite your project’s success.


We have positioned our firm to take full advantage of what we expect will be a period of long-term hospitality industry growth, and have made it our goal to consistently provide our customers with superior products and services. As a result, we will focus upon middle-market brand leaders, following a development strategy focused upon select, highly visible properties in key strategic locations. The central business districts of major cities, major airports, and similar locations will provide the best opportunities for Group 10 to leverage its expertise and institutional strength in creating outstanding hospitality properties noted for both excellence and business success.

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