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The first step of managing for success is making the right decisions from the start. With a track record that includes developing over $200 million in successful high-quality full and select-service hotels, we have the ability to guide the process from ground up for maximum long-term profitability and record return on investment.

Our in-house development team will assist you in determining the appropriate strategies to build sustainable value, maximize opportunity and overcome hurdles.

•Assistance with optimal brand selection
•Development of realistic pro forma expectations
•Experienced on-site project management
•Processes that ensure on-time, on-budget project execution
•Strong vendor relationships that facilitate purchase of the right materials and services at the right cost
•Procurement services for every operating supply and service required for opening

The successful acquisition of a hotel demands both urgency and experience. Group10 can assist with a rapid and effective takeover process that will quickly re-position the hotel for success.

•Identification of key changes that will result in profitability
•Implementation of a "takeover checklist" to identify underperforming areas
•Advice on management structure, market positioning, brand selection, contracts
and all overhead areas impacting the bottom line
•Placement of the right management team to execute a quick and effective turnaround
for failing operations

NEW Development
Three basic beliefs which we remain firmly committed: (1) respect for the individual; (2) service to our customers; and (3) strive for excellence.  These three basic beliefs go hand in hand with the integrity and ethical conduct that is the foundation of our business.

· Market Analysis
· Planning and Research
· Restorations and Enhancement of Property Value
· Design Consulting
· Purchasing Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment
· Installation
· Pre-Opening Marketing
· Personnel Selection and Training

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