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Hospitality Management

The proven method of providing excellence

The Group10 approach, based on empowerment and accountability, encourages a culture of continuous improvement and excellence in performance. The results are evident in market share premiums, industry-leading investment returns and guest satisfaction rankings in the top 25 percent of leading brand hotels across the nation.



Day-to-day operations and managing a hotel with the bottom line in sight are full-time jobs that often leaves little room for in-depth analysis to identify the larger, more strategic opportunities. Our asset management focus goes far beyond today or next month’s financial statement, with ongoing strategic benchmarking and asset planning that allow us to continually gauge performance against the top industry leaders.

We measure key indicators and thresholds in such areas as:

  • Guest Satisfaction

  • Associate Retention

  • Market Share

  • Profit Engineering


We have invested heavily in a substantial, multi-layered organizational structure and field support system that provides the resources and hands-on, in-depth expertise from disciplined experts in all areas critical to hospitality management:

  • Sales and marketing

  • Revenue management

  • Food and beverage

  • Operations

  • Maintenance Engineering

  • Systems

  • Telecommunications


Our people are our greatest asset. We attract and retain the finest talent in the industry, and provide ongoing training and development opportunities that have resulted in turnover statistics at half the industry average, and an internal promotion rate exceeding 60%.

  • WLS in-house corporate learning center

  • Only franchise company approved to conduct Marriott’s select service and extended stay Connect U training

  • Leadership development program